Invitation to Emily Larlham Workshop in Denmark


The Danish Border Collie Club is pround to announce that Emily Larlham has accepted our invitation to teach a workshop on Progressive Reinforcement Training in Denmark.

Time: 13th – 14th October 2012 from 9 am – 4 pm.
Place: Stenmagle forsamlingshus, Sorøvej 31, 4295 Stenlille, Denmark
Prices: Handlers with dog – 1000 Danish Kroner / Spectators – 500 Danish Kroner
Only 12 handler/dog places available. The seminar is open to all breeds/mix breeds.
Language: English
Entries to Helle Larssen on email cookie[at] – entries are binding!

There will be held an official HTM and Freestyle comepetition at the same venue on Friday evening the 12th October.

The Building Blocks to Advanced Canine Training and Companionship

Training using Progressive Reinforcement – how to train without using intimidation.
The keys to training without intimidation…

REINFORCE behaviors you like and they will increase. Reinforce the absence of an undesirable behavior- a dog doing ‘nothing’
(DRO- Differential Reinforcement of Other Behaviors, DRH- Differential Reinforcement of Higher Rates of Behavior).

TRAIN an alternate response to the behavior you do not like to replace it. If you do not like your dog sitting on the couch- train him to lay in his dog bed instead.
(DRI/DRA- Differential Reinforcement of Incompatible/Alternate Behaviors).

INTERTUPT behaviors you dislike and they will decrease. You can use a previously trained interrupter noise or recall.

PREVENT- behaviors as well as use management to stop undesirable behaviors being reinforced.

Training Treat Deliveries, Capturing, Free Shaping and Luring as Behaviors:
Treat Deliveries (so that the delivery is not punishing or confusing).
Capturing (“do it again”, “try something else”).
Free Shaping (when to begin and when to end).
Luring (pointing, targeting).
Backwards Luring Lab and Rear End Awareness.
Combining methods for faster, precise and more reliable results.
Free Shaping Games.
Impulse Control Games.

 Default Behaviors for training situations and real life/ Situational Cues- No mugging, leave it, Settle, What to do between training, loose leash, and default social behaviors.

Communication and Learning Through Primary Reinforcers, Secondary Reinforcers, Voice and Touch How to combine them.

Lowering arousal using Handling and Massage:
Preparation for Massage exercises.
Building a calm foundation.

Reading Dogs – for signs of too much stress.
How much stress is too much? Too little?

Anthropomorphism and opinion versus scientific evidence.

Chin rests.

Advanced Targeting

Crazy Tricks Lab

Why Train Tricks?  Building Bodily Awareness, Fitness, Confidence, Balance and Flexibility.
Dog Free Running.
Core Trick Dog Behaviors to use as building blocks.

Core Service Dog Behaviors.

Building Secondary Reinforcers.



Back Chaining.

Freestyle Flatwork – Positions and Transitions.
Using Freestyle to move onto variable schedules of reinforcement – at home and in your classes.

Techniques for Raising Criteria.

Breaking Up Complex Behaviors.

Multi Dog Households.
Multi Dog Tricks.

Working with Fearful, Reactive and Aggressive Dogs. How to change behavior using primary and secondary reinforcers. Using alternate behaviors. Aggression is a natural behavior. Lowering arousal levels to prevent reactivity, fear, and aggression. Progressive Reinforcement as a way to maintain dogs under threshold.

Further information please contact Emmy M. Simonsen at emmy[at]

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