World Championships 2012 i Austria

The Austrian Kennel Club invites you to the World Championship HTM & Freestyle from the 18th – 20th May 2012 in Salzburg, Austria.
Only FCI Member Countries or contract partners are allowed to nominate Starter and Teams. 

National Team:
Each participating country can enter a National Team consisting of five Heelwork to Music and five Freestyle dog and handler teams. Each participating team can have a named reserve (travelling or non-travelling) in each discipline. The reserve will only compete should one of the other participants of the team. 

Dogs have to be in possession of a record book or license issued by a National Member Organization of the FCI or a contract Partner of the FCI. All National Member Organizations of the FCI or contract Partner of the FCI are invited to participate at this event.

17th May 2012 Training
18th May 2012 Heelwork to Music
19th May 2012 Freestyle
20th May 2012 final from the best 10 in HTM and Freestyle

Winner of the World Championship:
Winner of the World Team Championship in Heelwork to Music/Freestyle will be the country whose 3 highest scoring competitors have the combined highest scores from the first competition day.
Please note that only the 3 highest scoring dogs and handler teams from each country will count when the team winners are found.

Winner of the Individual World Championship in Heelwork to Music/Freestyle will be the competitor with the combined highest score from the qualifying heat and the Individual Final.

Competition ground:
The competition will take place indoors on carpet in a well defined ring. The size of the ring will be announced at least 2 months before the competition.

Exhibition Centre Salzburg – Salzburg Arena

Donelda Guy, GB (head Judge)
Emmy Marie Simonsen, DK
Petra Mala, CZ

 Entry fee: € 42,– 

Bank transfer or credit card (Visa, MC, Diners) free of charge for the recipient

Banking details:
Raiffeisenkasse, Bank Code Number 32250, Account Number: 507004
IBAN: AT333225000000507004  BIC/SWIFT: RLNWATWWGTD
Subject: Heelwork to Music and Freestyle

Entry deadline submitted by your Kennel Club: 15th April 2012

Entries to:
Österreichischer Kynologenverband (ÖKV)
HTM & Freestyle
Siegfried-Marcus-Straße 7
2362 Biedermannsdorf,

Phone/Telefon: +43 2236 710667 14
Fax: +43 2236/710667 31

You can download the World Championship rules in English here!

Read more here!

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