Crufts International Freestyle 2012

Crufts Winner 2012
France – Thierry Thomas with UBAC Dumas De La Raberine

Thierry Thomas and Ubac

2. Scotland – Heather Smith with Moonlight Magic Dancer
3. Czech Republic – Vanda Gregorová with All That Brandy Gentle Mate
4. England – Sue Betteridge with Glenalpine Katie
5. Belgium – Jules O’Dwyer with Fjurdyhoeve Flynn
6. Sweden – Karolina Pettersson with Arbetsmyrans Amazing Ai
7. Norway – Marianne Aas with Memory of Sara au Sea Perto
8. Wales – Merlinda Kerr with Chip Chip
9. Slovac Republic – Helena Potfajova with DJ Te Pito O Te Henua
10. Australia – Jill Houston with Obay Caught Red Handed
11. Denmark – Johanna Allanach with Kojima E-Physical Graffiti
12. Germany – Carmen Schmid with Sammy of Upsala
13. South Africa – Susan Kleijnhans with Bulvah Desert Rose
14. Switzerland – Claudia Moser with Darjeelings Jewel
15. The Netherlands – Esther Niemeijer with Exquizt Mr James From A Beloved Home

Thierry and Ubac have now won The World Championship 2010, The European Championship 2011 and Crufts 2012! What a remarkable team!

Thierry Thomas and Ubac

Crufts Judges 2012: Richard Curtis, Kath Hardman and Michelle Dodson.

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