YKC HTM at Crufts 2012

Young Kennel Club Heelwork To Music 

Under 12 Elementary Heelwork

1st -Lauren Cruse with Ready Steady Zebby, Working Sheepdog

2nd – Dylan Smith with Kismet Lord of Misrule, German Spitz (Klein)


Over 12 Elementary Heelwork

1st – Laura Vickers with Kenmillone Bright Diamond, Retriever (Labrador)


Under 12 Primary Heelwork

1st – Arwen Linfield-Haplik with Manderians Hawk, Border Collie

2nd – Jodie Brutto with Bekwey Muchacho, Border Collie


Over 12 Primary Heelwork

1st – Lucy Hankey with Bordertown Shades of Blue, Border Collie

2nd – Alexandra Duesbury with Dodgin Amber Gambler, Working Sheepdog


Over 12 Open Heelwork

1st – Chloe Brutto with Laetare Made in Heaven, Border Collie

2nd – Ashleigh Butler with Arnpriors Golden Penny. Border Collie

Chloe Brutto's Laetare Made in Heaven

Young Kennel Club Freestyle

Under 12 Elementary Freestyle

1st – Lucy Frampton with Knowlehill I Luv Lucy, Retriever (Golden)

2nd – Lauren Cruse with Father’s Day Marley, MARLEY Working Sheepdog


Over 12 Elementary Freestyle

1st – Fern Mcdonnell with Lola Bubbles, Fox Terrier (Wire)

2nd – Tieryn Hill with Dexys Cabreigh Star, Retriever (Labrador)

3rd – Geraint Webb with Sparky Beanz, Crossbreed

4th – Sarah Allen with Larford Alsass, Spaniel (Cocker)


Under 12 Primary Freestyle

1st – Lauren Cruse with Ready Steady Zebbi, Working Sheepdog

2nd – Arwen Linfield-Haplik with Mandarians Hawk, Border Collie

3rd – Jodie Brutto with Bekwey Muchacho, Border Collie

4th – Dylan Smith with Corriedhu Chase, Border Collie

5th – Louise Leverton with Stonelight The Ginger, German Spitz (Klein)


Over 12 Primary Freestyle

1st – Rose Jenkins with Avalcier Sam, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

2nd 173 Tayla Butler FERROUS’S GOTTABE GUCCI Chinese Crested (Powderpuff)

Rose with Sam

Over 12 Open Freestyle

1st – Ashleigh Butler with Asphen Pudsey Bear, Crossbreed

2nd – Emily High with Herumen Mountain, Papillon

Ashleigh Butler with Asphen Pudsey Bear, Photo: Allan Brown

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