Day 1 at the World Championship in Salzburg

These results are yet to be officially confirmed!

Team HTM results:

  1. Finland, 71,79 points
  2. Belgium, 70,46 points
  3. France, 69,70 points
  4. Czech Republic, 69,26 points
  5. Russia 67,16 points
  6. Denmark, 65,15
  7. Sweden, 64,37
  8. Holland, 62,15

Qualified for Individual Final (out of 38 competitors):

  • Katja Tamminen, Cabaroo Glacier Gale 26,01 points
  • Thierry Thomas, Ubac du Mas de la Rabeyine, 25,61 points
  • Vanda Gregorova, Gentle Mate All That Brandy, 24,37 points
  • Simone Drabcova, Fredericia Alary Aslar, 23,98 points
  • Jules O’Dwyer, Van de Galeystukken Hellraiser 23,85 points
  • Luc Daems, Tchaka vom Terlüner Schloss, 23,45 points
  • Galina Chogovadze, Sun Light Spot, 23,43 points
  • Mari Muhonen, Tres Colores Isla Bonita, 23,18 points
  • Sandrine Mullie, Deejay white, 23,16 points
  • Arlette Cloes, Zingara van de Duvetorry, 23,13 points
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5 Responses to Day 1 at the World Championship in Salzburg

  1. simonne says:

    congratulions for everybody at the W.C. and especially to the Belgium team – Simonne

  2. Camille says:

    Congratulation to everybody, especially for team France. Way to go Thierry Thomas !

    • Laura J. says:

      Congrats to all teams and team members, but especially to the Golden Team FINLAND!!! Wow, what a result!! 🙂 Good luck to the final Katja and Mari!

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