Day 2 of the World Championship in Salzburg

The Judges

These results have not been oficially confirmed yet!

Team results:

  1. Czech Republic, 79,20 points
  2. Russia, 76.40 points
  3. Belgium, 72,99 points
  4. Sweden, 70,47 points
  5. France, 67,91 points
  6. Finland, 63,18 points
  7. Holland, 61.93 points
  8. Denmark, 51,19 points

Qualified for the individual final (out of 42 competitors):

  • Vanda Gregorova and All That Brandy Gentle Mate, 26,90 points
  • Vanda Gregorova and Enrisa Orlen, 26,67 points
  • Jules O’Dwyer and Fjurdyhoeve Flynn, 26,33 points
  • Thierry Thomas and Ubac du Mas de la Rabeyine, 26,33 points
  • Galina Chogovadze and Moja Nadezhda Rolly Royce, 25,76 points
  • Marina Novoselova and Funnnewf Gloria Day, 25,67 points
  • Alena Smolikova and Dapper Dame Black Chevers, 25,63 points
  • Olga Kuzina and Tutta Larson, 24,97 points
  • Michaela Neiglick and Urax Ylva-Li, 24,67 points
  • Sandrine Muille and Zippy des Supers-Supers, 24,56 points
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