Team Russia for the OEC

The Russian Team for the OEC in Prague 2012.


Galina Chogovadze with Border Collie Sun Ligth Spot

Polina Il’ina with BSD Flint

Valentin Kuzmin with Miniature Schnauzer Gently Born Lonestar

Polina Il’ina with BSD Shteffi

Reserve: Olga Kuzina with Australian Shepherd Almond Chokolate s Chernoy Vody


Elena Kharakhursakh with Dalmatian Bessi

Galina Chogovadze with Border Collie Moja Nadezhda Rolly Royce

Olga Kuzina with Labrador Tutti Larson

Tatiana Gette-Kishinevskaya with Entlebucher Zennenhund Korolevstvo Gornih Psov Karamel

Reserve: Polina Il’ina with Berger des Pyrenees Hardy Heart du Val du Vent Dore

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