A misunderstanding regarding the OEC rules have been published on the British HTM mail groups in a summary of recommendations from the KC sent out on Tuesday 24th July.

It says in the summary: “The Working Party noted that no team had been entered in the World HTM Championship 2012 due to a lack of applications. It considered a request to reverse its previous decision not to provide further support for teams to attend the European Open, but did not support the request as it was felt that the rationale for the decision – to avoid diluting resources and funds – remained valid. It continued to recommend therefore that the Kennel Club should send a team only to the World Championships and not to the European Open.
Individuals would still be able to enter the European Open as individuals or teams, but not as the official national team
(which under EO rules must be entered by the national Kennel Club).”

According to the OEC rules, any national HTM organisation can enter an official national team. The KC gets a chance to enter their team first, but if they choose not to, then any HTM organisation is free to enter an official team to represent its country. If more organisations choose to enter a team, then the hosting country has the right to decide which entry to accept.

The OEC rules state:

“Individual entries can be submitted by the National FCI recognized Kennel Clubs, a national HTM or Freestyle organisation or by independent handlers.

Team entries can be submitted by the National FCI recognized Kennel Clubs or by a national HTM/freestyle organisation. The FCI recognized Kennel Clubs will get 4 weeks to submit their entries from the opening date before entries are allowed for independent entries and those from HTM/Freestyle organisations.

If there are more than 4 entries + a reserve from one country, the FCI recognized Kennel Clubs’ entries should be accepted before any others. If a Kennel Club does not wish to enter a team, the hosting country can decide which entries they wish to accept.

If a country’s Kennel Club chooses not to enter a full team, entries for the rest of the available spaces up to 4 HTM dog and handler teams and 4 Freestyle dog and handler teams plus a reserve for each section from that country will be accepted from independent handlers.

These independent dog and handler teams will not compete as a team for the team title, but they can qualify for the individual final and compete for the individual title.”

So please, National Freestyle Organisations, do not hesitate…  If your KC has decided not to send a team for the OEC, then feel free to send in your entries!

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