Long bodied and short legged Dancing Dogs

The Danish Kennel Club hosted a Championship Show in Aarhus on the 25th and 26th of August and I had been asked if I could organize a dog dancing demonstration.

5 handlers including myself and my corgies took up the challenge. Pia Ficher Henrichsen, who dances with Border Collie and Sheltie and Inge Dorthe Gråkjær, who has Cavalier King Charles Spaniels could only be there on the Sunday and Monika Hjelte – a newcomer to the sport – had warned us beforehand, that she would only perform if she felt that her young Border Collie Fannie was ready. -But Fannie was not ready for a public performance, so Monika decided just to support those of us, who were ready and she did a great job of that. It was lovely to have her and her daughter there to help us.

Alexandra performed with Jonathan and Mickey – brothers and the result of a love affair between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Welsh Corgie Cardigan. They are 9 years old and look a bit like long bodied, short legged Bernese Dogs.

Jonathan and Mickey

I danced with Daniel – a 5 years old Welsh Corgi Pembroke boy, who competes in Intermediate HTM and Aja – 9 years old, Welsh Corgi Pembroke, bitch and qualified for Advanced Freestyle.

Katha and her Corgies

Daniel was first in the ring as he is usually the most reliable of our dogs. We performed to Tom Jones’ Sexbomb and Daniel worked brilliantly!

Then Alexandra and Mickey performing to the theme from Pink Panther. Mickey is a funny boy, who will either be a star and dance his heart out for Alexandra or go into the ring and decide that it’s not worth it today… At this demo he was a star! What a routine they performed!

Aja’s routine was choreographed 3 days before the demonstration and our music was Sandy Wilson’s Let There Be Drums. We did not have a great performance, but Aja is not really know for her reliablilty 😉

Alexandra with Jonathan was last dog and handler team in the ring. I don’t remember their music, but I do remember, that they worked really well and put on a good show.

Monika said later, that the spectators would have liked to see more dancing dogs as it had been very entertaining and lovely to watch.

Sunday morning – Pia with her Border Collie Nemo and sheltie Mikkel were ready to dance. Unfortunately Inge Dorthe had gotten the weeks mixed up and thought the demo was next weekend, so she had to cancel.

We arrived to Aarhus – keen to entertain the audience… but found that the demo had been cancelled as the show grounds were flooded due to heavy rain all night. It was still raining, so no hope of better conditions later on the day. Such a shame – Pia had driven a fair distance to get there and we were all looking forward to our performances. We live rather far from the rest of the Danish dog dancing community, so we don’t often get to compete/perform.

So it turned out that only the long bodied, short legged dogs got to perform this weekend! We packed all our stuff up and went to McDonalds for burgers, coffee and ice cream.

Getting all our stuff back in the car and off to McDonalds!

On the way back home to Mols, I couldn’t help thinking, that it was probably a good thing that Daniel and Aja did not have to perform in all that water! They are terrible swimmers!

Katha Harboe, Denmark

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