Ruby, the Horse Show Performer

Maybe you remember Ruby, Brigitte van Gestel’s Nova Scotia Duck tolling retriever. Ruby made recently a career switch from heelwork to music dog to performer with a horse on shows and events.

With her 11 years, Ruby is still enjoying all the attention and applause! Last Summer she did a battle with Jauke, a Horse!!!
The theme of the battle was: “Anything you can do, I can do better”. So Ruby and Brigitte tried to prove that a dog with funny tricks is much smarter than a horse doing tricks.

The audience just loved it; Did you ever see a Horse retrieve a toy, or ”pee like a dog” on cue? It was not only Jauke the Horse who did surprising things. Also Ruby showed that a dog can be so smart! She did her Spanish steps and jumps on my back. To be honest I think this Horse was amazing, and the special thing about is, he is clickertrained!

The audience had to vote and of course they did like my red haired girlie, but wow, they loved Jauke! So at the end we decided to cooperate instead of fighting about who is the best. Ruby made figures of eight around the horses legs and the both showed off their pirouettes and circles. It was so much fun to do!

Here you can see the video of the show, sorry the comment is only in dutch….

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