The OEC 2012 in Prague

Heelwork To Music

Team results:

Gold: Russia
Silver: Denmark
Bronze: Belgium


Gold: Anja Christiansen with Fæhunden’s Queeny Las – Denmark
Silver: Polina I´llina with Shteffi – Russia
Bronze: Galina Chogovadze with Sun Ligth Spot – Russia


Team results:

Gold: The Czech Republic
Silver: Russia
Bronze: Belgium


Gold: Yvonne Belin with Alice – Switzerland
Silver: Galina Chogovadze with Moja Nadezhda Rolly Royce – Russia
Bronze: Elke Boxoen with Puma – Belgium

Yvonne Belin with Alice

Some of the OEC Freestyle teams

The OEC judges:
(From right:) Kath Hardman (UK), Carmen Mayer (Germany) and Andrea Rezkova (CZ)

Carmen Mayers and Kath Hardman

The warm up and dog area

The venue

The ring

Time to warm up/practise in the ring

Biscuit from Team Denmark and Jamie from Team Holland – the two OEC shelties


Welcome to the OEC 2012
Emmy M. Simonsen from Denmark and Barbora Kozová from the Czech Republic

Cheers and Good Luck!

The OEC Dinner

Running order was decided by a random draw at the OEC dinner

The full results can be found on

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