The Norwegian Championship

The Norwegian Championship 2012 was held at Dogs 4 All in Lillestrøm on 25th November! The participants performed some brilliant routines and we were kept entertained by some lovely demonstration rounds in the break between the HTM and the Freestyle competition.

Well done to The Norwegian Freestyle Organisation on running such a super event!


Freestyle winner Anniken Jensen with Scott and HTM winner Anette Andresen with Pippi


  1. Anette Andresen with Springer Spaniel Desperados After Eight performing to Helene Harefrøken Alf Prøysen – 25,03 p.
  2. Marianne Aas with Australian Shepherd Memory Of Sara av Sea Perto performing to Alle Snubbar vill jou vara katt (Everybody wants to be a cat) – 22,47 p
  3. Ine Rosland with Shih Tzu Svit-Nebo’s Merlin performing to Prince Ali – 19,4 p.


  1. Anniken Jensen with Border Collie Scott performing to Sigurd Jorsalfar op. 22 – 25,53 p.
  2. Marianne Aas with Australian Shepherd Memory Of Sara av Sea Perto performing to The Boy Does Nothing – 25,43 p.
  3. Annette Eggen with Miniature Pincher Kinkade Any Number Can Play performing to Honey Honey – 23,08 p.

Judges: Emmy Marie Simonsen (DK), Nina Haaland (N) and Merete A. Huser (N)

Jessica Karlgreen with Izi performed a lovely HTM demonstration round. Izi is a rescue dog and has only lived with Jessica for about 1 year, but he is doing so well.

A display team from Oslo entertained the audience with two different routines.

One Night In Bankok performed as a group routine

Tina Kjerpeseth Hosen with Cindy dancing to Singin’ In The Rain

Norway’s Got Talent Stars Jessica & Sussi were very popular with the audience.

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