Video Competition – open to everyone!

New video competition. There are seperate catagories for dogs working either starters or novice in The British Kennel Club competitions. Advanced and intermediate have a seperate class for all sizes. There will be a class for toys and titbits.

Anyone from anywhere can enter, the more the merrier. If you do want to enter from abroad contact Lynn F. Crook ( to check out which class you should put your video in.

The theme is Spring/Easter/flowers/new life. This can be interpreted widely, just write how you have linked your music to the theme. That should get everyones imagination working!

Videos no longer than 3 minutes and please don’t edit them. It should be as it happens. Titles are OK but don’t cut anything out.

Marks will be 20 from each judge, 10 for artistic interpretation and 10 for entertainment. The marks will not be public but the totals will.

Routines to be uploaded over the weekend of 13/14th April—if you can video before I’d suggest putting it on u tube and just linking in on the facebook groups that weekend.

Entry will be £3 per routine and £2 per person in pairs and groups up to £8. Paypal entry money to

The charity this time is not a charity but a deserving cause. When a friend returned from living in Spain she brought back some of the dogs she had rescued there, I kept one and we rehomed a couple of others and a some cats. One of the dogs had to be removed fast from where it was and a friend took her on as a foster, we insured her as we thought she might have slipping patella. The insurance has been paid for so far by boot sales but over winter that has been difficult. When Molly went very lame she was x rayed and it turns out her kneecaps are back to front. The insurance will cover it but the vets advice is not to operate at the moment so we need to keep paying the insurance. So thats where I’d like any profit to go to. There will also be a little more for the hospice as I over ordered on some rosettes this time.

Once again a plea for people to judge, it needs as many as posssible to work well.

Facebook groups for the videos are below.

Toys and titbits

15 ” and under novice/starters

15″/20″ novice/starter

over 20″

Intermediate/advanced all sizes

Pairs and groups

katha Harboe

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