Danish TV Programme about Dancing Dogs

On 21st January, Emmy Simonsen and Helle Larssen spent all day in Copenhagen, Denmark for the filming of a TV programme in a series of documentaries about people, who are passionate about their hobbies.

Little sheltie Biscuit is the star of the 30 mins. long programme about dancing dogs. He performed his Freestyle routine and did also help demonstrate training and he sat with Emmy, whilst she talked about the sport. Helle and Border Collie Jazz demonstrated Heelwork To Music. Hero was too dark for the dark studio, so he is only appearing in the end of the programme.

You can see the programme online here!

There are 4 different hobbies in this programme and 4 x 8 mins of dancing dogs. The first dog dancing starts 17 mins into the programme, then there is another bit 30 mins into the programme, one 53 mins into the programme and the last one after 1 hour and 31 mins. Biscuit is dancing in the two middle sections and Helle’s Jazz in the last one.

Emmy, Helle and the dogs in Copenhagen.

Emmy, Helle and the dogs in Copenhagen.

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