Flowers for Hanne

The first International HTM Judges Conference was held in the Kennel Club Building in Solrød Strand, Denmark this weekend. Summeries, power point presentations etc. will be uploaded to this blog soon, but until then I would like to share this picture of Hanne Madsen from the Danish Kennel Club with you. Hanne is the secretary for the HTM Committee and she worked so hard during the weekend. She was in the kitchen all weekend preparing lunch and dinner and she made an unbelievable amount of coffee and tea. She also did all the paperwork for the conference.

One thing is that Hanne worked very hard for us – but her husband Per did too! He spent his weekend in the Kennel Club building helping Hanne without getting anything out of it, but a chance to actually see his wife during the weekend.

Helle from the Danish HTM Committee went to the Kennel Club building this morning with flowers and chocolate for Hanne and Per – once again THANK YOU!

Hanne Madsen


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