Traning days with Leena Inkilä from Finland + official Danish HTM/FS Competition

The Danish Border Collie Club is hosting a HTM and Freestyle weekend on the 13th – 15th September 2013.

Friday 13th Sep. from at about 5 pm
Official Danish HTM and Freestyle Competition held indoors in a hall on carpet.
Judges: Jette Porter, Johanna Allanach, Heidi Frederiksen, Helle Larssen og Emmy Simonsen (more will be invited if needed).
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Leena Inkilä from Finland

Leena Inkilä from Finland

Saturday 14th Sep. at 10 am – 5 pm
Freestyle training day with Leena Inkilä from Finland.

Sunday 15th Sep. at 9 am – 4 pm
HTM training day with Leena Inkilä from Finland.

Leena has competed succesfully with both her Schnauzer Rita and her Border Collie Prima. Leena and Rita were on the Finnish Freestyle team for the Open European Championship 2011 and for the Nordic Championship 2011, when Finland won the Team Championship.
Leena and Prima won the Individual Nordic Championship in December 2012 with a stunning performance and they were on the Finnish team, that won the Team Championship too. Leena’s dogs are known for their very accurate work.

Handler with dog one day: 700 Danish Kroner
Handler with dog one day and spectator place one day: 850 Danish Kroner
Spectator place one day: 350 Danish Kroner
Spectator place two days: 600 Dansih Kroner

Further questions, please contact Emmy on email emmy @
Entries to Helle on email cookie @

Place (competition and training days): Huginsvej 27, 4100 Ringsted, Denmark.

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