8th May Competition, CC Saletio in Seltz France.


Since the beginning we have organised many competitions here in our club the CC Saletio in Seltz France, but this time we had the great pleasure to welcome 57 participants in all. A big success  as in comparison for the Grand Prix de France, which is the national championship, there is about 100 participants.


The weather was nice and sunny enough for the competition could be held outside on grass. 


One judge can only judge 70 routines a competition and as we have to perform our routines twice we had to have 2 judges,  Denis Gorge and myself.


I judged all the novices classes htm and freestyle, the first open class we have, the pairs and teams and the juniors. I saw some well performed routines and enjoyed judging them. I really loved in the pair class the performance of the 2 papillons, they were also entered the individual and well placed each time. They are fantastics dogs – so funny but so good and accurate.


Denis judged all the other classes, intermediate and advance htm and freestyle and the premiers pas (beginners were food, toy or leash is allowed). Considering the high marks he gave out on the day, he must really have liked what he saw :-).


People from 10 French regions competed successfully at this competition. They drove through France to be here – not hesitating doing hundreds of kilometers coming from Toulouse, Marseille, Lyon, Lille or Le Mans area. So many thanks to everyone, who was involved in this event.

More pictures from the event here!

By Corinne Médauer

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One Response to 8th May Competition, CC Saletio in Seltz France.

  1. Amélie Delcroix says:

    Hi Corinne, just saw this post, thanks so much for the pictures 😉
    Happy we could come 😉

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