OEC documents

I am not comfortable knowing that all the important documents regarding 3 years of the Open European Championship are kept in my computer and no where else. They should be available for everyone to find and if something happens to my laptop, a lot of important information will be lost.

It was decided in Prague in 2012 that a database should be created, to keep everything safe, but it never happened, so I have created a blog and uploaded all the documents I had to it.

In the future you can find all OEC documents here http://oecinfo.wordpress.com/ – minutes from meetings, rules and changes in rules etc.

Regards Emmy M. Simonsen, Denmark

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3 Responses to OEC documents

  1. Kath Hardman says:

    Hope you are feeling more comfy now. Thanks for this Emmy.

  2. lesley neville says:

    Excellent idea Emmy thank you for all your hard work with this, it is much appreciated love Lesley

  3. simonne says:

    very very good job . I hope everone realises how much work you have done for the dog dance community .THANKS emmy … simonne

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