More results from Sweden

Agria Freestyle Elite Challenge Final results on 4th January 2014.

1     Höstglädjens Golden Dream (Thyra)
Sandra Kagevik – 27.95 points

Photo: Anna Andersson

Photo: Anna Andersson

2     Kojima’s E-Physical Graffiti (Soda)
Johanna Allanach – 27.00 points

3     Monster
Ida Björkman – 26.05 points

4     Wynntorps Carlin (Ludde)
Anna Lindström – 24.25 points

5     Miles
Kerstin Eklund – 24.20 points

6     Duckling´s jr just jackaroo (Tobi)
Malin Perlskog – 23.30 points

7     Something New’s Mail Box (Charlie)
Tomas Englöf – 23.25 points

8     Fladdermusen’s Whispers (Diva)
Ulrika Persson – 23.15 points

9     Camalis Perfect Miss Cayenne (Puma)
Ulrika Persson – 22.20 points

10     Megadroms Brandy (Brandy)
Jenny Werner – 21.80 points

11     Ohlala Quickstep (Viggo)
Ida Björkman – 21.35 points

12     Force Galaxie’s Fairy Bell (Minoo)
Frida Setherberg – 21.00 points

13     Robic’s Kanel (Kanel)
Erika Johansson – 20.25 points

14     Lezedas Västanvind (Ozzy)
Eleonor Mattsson – 19.70 points

New Nordic Champion
The day before the final, there was a HTM competition and Anja Christiansen with Border Collie Fæhunden’s Queeny Las became the first team to achieve the title Heelwork To Music Champion in Sweden. They also were the first to become Heelwork to Music Champions in Norway (May 2013).
To become a Nordic Heelwork To Music Champion you are required to have achieved Champion titles in three Nordic countries. As Queeny already is a Danish HTM Champion she is also the first dog with the title: Nordic Heelwork To Music Champion.


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