Jodie Forbes about Crufts 2014

Bramble and I qualified for Crufts in Freestyle and Grooming at a Young Kennel Club qualifying weekend last November. I have competed in groomer of the year for the past 4 years, but I had never qualified in Freestyle, since November was our first ever Freestyle competition.

We started preparing for Freestyle at Crufts about two weeks prior; finishing off our routine and sorting out a costume for me to wear.

At Crufts I was really surprised at how good some of the dogs looked in my grooming class, everyone’s dogs looked very well groomed, so of course I was elated to have won my class on Thursday.


Winning their grooming class

On Friday Bramble was the first from our Freestyle class to go in, so it was very nerve wrecking – especially since Bramble loves to roll on the fake grass on the floor of the ring, so I was expecting her to start rolling at any point! However she did everything I told her and did it with such enthusiasm and excitement, I couldn’t have been more proud of her. I watched some of the other dogs who were in my class, and they were really very impressive, I was sure I wouldn’t get a higher placing than 3rd because of the competition.

When the rosettes were given out in the prize giving I was so shocked to have been given 1st place! Bramble showed her little socks off and had fun whilst doing it and that’s what it’s all about.


Winning their freestyle class

Winning their freestyle class

On Thursday and Friday I also worked for DogWorld, both on their stand and taking photos for their twitter page which was an awesome experience because we got to meet a couple of celebrities, Victoria Stilwell and Amanda Holden.


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