First time at Crufts with my little Gremlin by Lisa Joachimsky

Lisa JoachimskyIn november 2013, I qualified at the “German Open” in Dortmund to be the German team in the International Freestyle at Crufts 2014.

I have been performing in Dog Dancing competitions with my little Spanish power Terrier Foxi since 2010. She loves dancing and we got up to highest class in 2013. In the same year we competed at OEC in The Netherlands as a part of the German team in Freestyle and HTM. I thought that would be the biggest experience in our dogdance life but it got bigger 😉

On Friday the 7th March, we completed a 12 hour ride to Birmingham. In the nights before I didn´t sleep well 😉 I was anxious that I had not enough information about bringing a dog into the UK, about when to be where at Crufts and about everything else!

But after arriving to the hotel on Friday evening, I could relax a bit. At 7 o´clock on Saturday morning we arrived at the NEC and found our place at the benches. A few of the other dog dancers had arrived early too. We got a chance to train in the Arena and it was a really relaxed training. I just sat on the floor a few minutes and tried to feel the room and the athmosphere.

The next hours passed by chatting with the other teams, exchanging good luck cards and presents… I was stunned to get soooooo many presents!

At around 11 am, Gina and the stewards picked us up to bring us to the “green room”. There we could relax a bit, warm up the dogs and watch the Arena on a TV screen.

At 11:45 it was “freestyle time”, the fantastic athmosphere was even to be felt in the waiting room. I was number 6.
When I walked out on the famous green carpet and my little Foxi runned around in her best mood, the audience applauded and it was a real good feeling.

In process of performing I noticed the small errors and mistakes, but Foxi just enjoyed her time and was doing her job brilliantly. Her main job was to be cute 😉 Aaaand she WAS! Cute and funny and very happy with herself. So was I 😀

The audience laughed and applauded to her and when we got our scores I was even more satisfied.

Lisa Joachimsky

The very very best feeling of the day was at the final line up of the teams. Everyone were congratulated on their placing (place 8 for us), we did a lap of honour and the audience went mad! It was an incredible feeling and I almost got tears in my eyes.

For me and my little dancing gremlin it was an amazing experience. We met so many lovely people and got so many good wishes from home, I can´t tell…

Thanks to everyone. Especially to my little “one and only Foxita”!
Lisa Joachimsky

Lisa Joachimsky

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