Djuna my little power girl…. By Brigitte van Gestel (Holland)

[An article in a series about dogs that has made their presence felt on the European HTM scene – not necessarily by winning the big championships, but by making the spectators fall in love with them. Dogs that entertain us and make us smile, when we watch them perform.]

17 march is Djuna’s 6th Birthday: Still in love with this puppy!

djunaDjuna is not my first freestyle/ HTM dog. When I picked her as a puppy she was dog number 3 in the house,  sharing my home with Ruby the duck tolling retriever and half brother Twizzle also a border collie.

We had a mission, ‘cause when I decided to have Djuna, a big change in my life was gonna happen: I started running my own Company: Canine Company. And we moved from our little appartement to a house with a small yard.

As a more experienced dogtrainer by that time, I started right from the start with her and my goal was clear:  Clickertraining this little pup to a real HTM and Freestyle star.

She was (and still) is such a joy to work with. She’s a high drive bitch, always willing and ready to work.  Because half-brother Twizzle was  a very relaxed and easy going lad, we worked on drive  and motivation right from the start with Djuna.  Maybe a bit to much, because this lady can become a bit aroused now and then.

We took some obedience classes to work on her heelwork, and wow, what a talented girl, I love her trotting moves, she looks so elegant.  I believe Djuna is made for heelwork, she works so naturaly  and happy while doing it. It’s a pitty that during competitions the music and audiance creates so much aurousel in her, that she starts wining, wich costs me lots of marks. But we’re working on that part.


At the age of 3,5 she all of a sudden had epileptic seizures, my worst nightmare: not my little girl! So I decided only to enjoy every minute of her and not bothering about barking or wining in training: Having Fun is the only thing that matters!

I’m so lucky she’s fine now, haven’t had a seizure since 2 years now thanks to great care of my vet.

So our mission will continue, we’re  building focus and control without loosing motivation. We hope to compete once more in a big event like the European championship. Our dream is, she can compete having a great time, showing off her nice heelwork and be in control and quiet…. I’m sure we can do it!


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2 Responses to Djuna my little power girl…. By Brigitte van Gestel (Holland)

  1. Kath Hardman says:

    Well done Brigitte. You are doing the right thing carrying on with her. Have a look at this – I wrote it many years ago. xxxx

  2. Love the story Brigitte and what a girl you have in Djuna!!!!!!1111

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