Fly, my Funny Girl by Corinne Médauer (France)

[An article in a series about dogs that has made their presence felt on the European HTM scene – not necessarily by winning the big championships, but by making the spectators fall in love with them. Dogs that entertain us and make us smile, when we watch them perform.]

This blue merle Border Collie bitch is actually not my dog, but my daughter Kelly’s dog. She came into our lives in November 2006. Right from the start everyone fell in love with her. As Kelly was quite young that time, I knew that I would have to help her train Fly in agility and dog dance. So Fly has been used to work with both of us right from the beginning and also with my husband, who did some heelwork with her last year.


Baby Fly

When Fly was about 6 months old, someone accidentally stepped heavily on her leg, so that the leg got broken and it broke. Can you imagine keeping such a young dog quiet during several weeks…?! Not an easy period of time for her and for us!

Fly with her broken leg.

Fly with her broken leg.

Since then she has done her best to make up for the lost time during her immobility. She always rushes through everything – constantly being in action. She can be calm at home, but not until she has tried all her tricks to get you to have a training session with her. Just going for a walk is a bit boring to her and she always wants to do something more. But she is not really what I would call an over excited crazy dog. She just has so much will to please and it is always showing. You just cannot forget her, this powerful and energetic girl. Always ready before I am. For sure she has a big lack of patience, but this makes her special – who would not love to have such a dog?!

From time to time I compete with her in dog dance and I also did some agility with her. Once she’s in the ring, nothing can distract her.

In our team she is the leading partner! She always wants to get through the routine quickly – and then start over and do it again.

A wonderful and surprising moment was at the Grand Prix de France 2010, when she was entered with both Kelly and I. I competed with her in the novice class, where we placed 7th in a class of more than 35 participants. And with Kelly, she got 1st place in the intermediate junior class. It was just a pleasure being in the ring with her.

Kelly and Fly

Kelly and Fly

Fly and I

Fly and I

In 2012 Fly was on the French Freestyle Team for the World Championship in Salzburg and later the same year, she competed at the Open European Championship in Prague – this time as an independent dog and handler team.

Fly and I in Salzburg

Fly and I in Salzburg

At the OEC we did not have much luck as we started by getting running order 1 in the random draw.  Of course it was good that she did not have too much waiting time to get over excited, but on the other hand we were not really ready as I did not have enough experience in handling her at such big events. During the whole routine we were sort og arguing as she entered the ring not being under “control” just running around and also starting the routine by barking, which she never did before. This was a bit disturbing for me, but she had fun, even though she was not always doing what I expected when I expected it – but that’s just Fly. I know that I have a real good dog, but I never took the time to work her seriously. What a pity for her having a bad handler 🙂

So, my wish is to do at least one more big Championship with her and also the Grand Prix de France in 2014. Being well prepared would be an advantage this time ;-). So yes, I think we can do it and I will do my best to be ready in time and be a good partner for my Flying Girl.

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