Reflexions Of Ginger HTM A Ex, FS A Ex – by Kath Hardman

[An article in a series about the Golden Oldies in our sport. The dogs that we used to enjoy in the ring, but who has now retired or passed away. A tribute to the dogs, who made our sport what it is today.]

October 1998 – 6th August 2010

“Oh Tipp – we are lost for words – missing you already. Special doesn’t seem a good enough word right now – you had such an awful start to life with a very bad first home – but hopefully the 10 years you were ours gave you a better life even though your memories from that start lasted throughout your lifetime. Thank you Tipp for being Mum’s companion for 5 years when we were out or just busy. And Thank you Tipp for teaching us so much, we love and miss you. XXX”

Kath Hardman and Tipp (2)
Tipp was Kath’s only “rescue” dog. She bought him when he was 18 months old and came to her with many problems which had materialised in his first home.

He had started his life with an 84 year old owner who found Tipp to be too much for him to cope with.  During his life with Kath, Tipp showed fear of sticks, feet, hands, men, children, smokers, alcohol, skateboards – in fact he was more distressed than settled.

Within the first two weeks with Kath his fur dropped out – it was like straw and very matted but what grew through was a beautiful shiny, rich brown and clear white healthy coat.

Kath decided that he needed to gain trust in her, her husband and her mother so the first 5 years were spent letting him grow in confidence, managing the bad behaviour and learning that life was good!

Kath Hardman and Tipp (3)He became a confident performer and competed successfully in both Heelwork To Music and Freestyle. He competed in the Advanced Class gaining the Top Titles HTM A Ex and FS A Ex the latter title, only days before he became unwell and he danced at Crufts several times.

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