Choxxstart Dream Angus by Lesley Neville (UK)

[An article in a series about the Golden Oldies in our sport. The dogs that we used to enjoy in the ring, but who has now retired or passed away. A tribute to the dogs, who made our sport what it is today.]

Choxxstart Dream Angus FS A Ex, HTM A Ex,
3rd August 2001 to 2nd April 2013

I can remember exactly where I was when I received the phone call to tell me that Angus had been born. We were walking in woods in Wales, on holiday, and I was so thrilled with the news.

I was right to be thrilled as this puppy grew into an amazing dog who has brought a lot of pleasure into the lives of many people.

He was a promising Working Trials dog, gaining his CDEx and UDEx very quickly, but his career then turned to dancing which he did with great gusto.

Lesley Neville

His first dancing routine was to “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday” by Wizzard, and, during training I suggested to my friend that I could do a bell pulling action for “let the bells ring out for Christmas” part of the song. As I did this action Angus leaped into the air and thus was born his famous signature move which earned him the nickname of “The Harrier Jump Jet of the Canine World” (and explains why I call this move “Bells”).

He has been called and “The definition of happiness is Angus dancing”. But he was more than this, he welcomed puppies into the home, being so tolerant as they swung on his beard and pulled his whiskers! And guiding them gently but, eventually, firmly into the world. He was someone who I could rely on to give 100% in his performances both in competition and at demos, even when we had to follow the “clown with the exploding car”, which made his knees tremble a bit, but he was such a showman that as soon as the music started he would dance as if nothing had happened. (Unless I accidentally stood on his paw and then he would bark until I apologised to him—then everything was OK again!)

On the 2nd of April he decided that it was time to go. He lay down in his favourite spot in the conservatory and somehow I just knew that his time had come. We sat together and I talked to him and stroked him, he gave a big sigh and left me. I did not have to make that awful decision, my boy was a true gentleman right up to the end.

Dance on in the stars Angus.

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