What I love about Dog dancing? -by Monika Gehrke (Germany)

What I love about Dog dancing? Originality, creativity and last but not least, its international…

Monika Gehrke and Jan

Monika Gehrke and Jan

Gigolo Jan came into our family, as a third dog, in 2005. The other two pack members are Henry (a Border Collie mix male) and Jette (a Border Collie bitch).

Gigolo Jan was born in the Nederlands and that’s why he loves to swim. Because he is a strong male he can sometimes be a bit macho, especially when meeting big dominant males. He is working in freestyle and also in HTM.

In competitions, the Olympic motto applies to me: “Being there is everything!”.

Doing Dogdance (which is what we call it in Germany) gives me the chance to meet many people with the same interest and it often develope into friendships.

I feel that success in competition is, if the dogs works with you, because it enjoys it and have a lot of fun. This should be the handlers ambition.

Monika and Jan in Switzerland

Monika and Jan in Switzerland

The English word for a dogdance performance is “routine”. That´s a good word, as the moves and steps and figures must be a routine that you and your dog knows well. But if the joy is missing, the audience will not be enchanted bt your performance. The audience has to feel the emotions, you want so show, then a demonstration is a success!

I started, like most dog dancers in Germany, from doing tricks with my dog. The first 3 years of our career, Jan and I only did freestyle. I was introduced to the discipline HTM by my Dutch friends, especially by Brigitte van Gestel.

The most important thing for me is, to express my emotions through the dance via the heelwork in my choreography. To dance for me is absolutely my own interpretation of the themes and to show the moods and emotions of the music in motion.

Due to my participation in the Open European Championship in Denmark in 2011, in the Czech Republic in 2012 and in the Netherlands in 2013, many friendships with dog dancers from all over Europe have been founded.

Monika and Jan in Holland

Monika and Jan in Holland

In dogdance there will be no loser, only winner in future.

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