Copper Coin Of Retcoll by Kath Hardman (UK)

[An article in a series about the Golden Oldies in our sport. The dogs that we used to enjoy in the ring, but who has now retired or passed away. A tribute to the dogs, who made our sport what it is today.]

Copper Coin Of Retcoll HTM A
26-11-1992 ~ 23-12-2007

GinnieDancers aren’t made of their technique, but their passion.
Ginnie had both the technique and the passion and that made her outstanding!

Ginnie was a very special girl. She came into Kath’s life when she was 7 weeks old and although they did not always agree on how their relationship should be, Heelwork to Music changed Ginnie’s outlook on life to one of a true partnership with Kath.

Starting HTM together when Ginnie was 7 years old, they became one of the UK’s most successful teams. Her dancing was breathtaking, but that is not what we miss the most. We miss her personality, her keenness and her desire for work and fun, her smile and her wagging tail.

ginnie2At the time, Ginnie was the most successful dog in Heelwork to Music and Freestyle in England having won more competitions than any other dog. At 14 years of age she finished on equal points in the Crufts Heelwork to Music Competition 2007.

In just seven years, Ginnie performed 24 different routines and competed 54 times.
Placed 1st 32 times.
Placed 2nd 14 times.
Placed 3rd 5 times.

ginnie3When she was 18 months old she started suffering from Epileptic fits but with help and guidance from a very good vet her fitting was medically controlled throughout her life.

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