World Championship – HTM

The Heelwork To Music section of the World Championship was a truly amazing event. So much beautiful and skillful handling at one place is a wonderful experience for competitors, judges and spectators alike.

From Bichon to Cane Corso, the dogs of the competition were a happy and focused lot, and we had music and themes covering a wide range, from tango to Travolta, from fighting munk to evil queen.

Thumbs up for the Finnish officials, who worked tirelessly to make the event run smoothly and close to schedule.

The result of the HTM team competition was:
1st place: Russia
2nd place: Sweden
3rd place Denmark

WC 2014 team

The result of the individual final was:
1st place: Anja Christiansen and Fæhunden’s Queeny (Denmark)
2nd: Jessica Karlgren and Camp Alpha’s Izi (Norway)
3rd: Natalia Rubleva and Corso Bella Bravo Yung Rein (Russia)

wc 2014 ind

By Elisabeth Fabricius

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