Freestyle at the World Championship

The freestyle day at the World Championship in Helsinki was spectacular and entertaining.

Like yesterday, we had a wide selection of dogs. From the little westies to the huge newfoundlander, handlers had skilfully found the music and tricks that suited their dogs best.

Themes and music were as colourful and varied as costumes and props. We saw a lot of regular “dancing with dogs”, as well as cleverly told stories with humour, magic, passion and power. There was love, battle, death and afterlife – no human (or animal) experience is too dramatic to be interpreted in the freestyle ring!

The freestyle team competition gold was won by Russia, followed by silver to the Finnish team and bronze to the Swedish team.

FS2The individual gold was won by Ekaterina Myznikova with Pradas Hause Artist and Danser (Russia). Silver went to Yvonne Belin with Jewel del Mulino Prudenza (Switzerland). And bronze was given to Marina Novoselova with Funnewf Gloria Dey (Russia). Once again a giant dog in top 3!

FSA great salute to the Finnish hosts for making this World Championship such a memorable event. Both planned and unforeseen situations were dealt with professionally, and the staff members were friendly and extremely helpful. And the prizes were gorgeous!

And a big round of applause also for the judges (Laura Jalli, head judge, Finland – Frida Binette, Sweden – Kath Hardman, Great Britain – Helle Larssen, Denmark – Henna Meriharju, Finland – Lesley Neville, Great Britain), who worked very hard to judge each dog and handler with fairness and great expertise.

FS3By Elisabeth Fabricius

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