Letter from Kennel Union of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

On the behalf of the Kennel Union of the Republic of Azerbaijan I would like to express my deepest disappointment with the decision that the HTM and Dog Dancing Open European Championship 2014  meeting  has adopted regarding canceling OEC 2015 in Azerbaijan.

Unfortunately our representatives could not join OEC 2014 in Germany as our Club’s representatives and me personally were busy with International Dog Shows in Baku at exactly the same dates.

It seems to be unfair that no one contacted and communicated with us regarding this issue before the decision wes made.

Also we feel really sad with the argumentation and justification of canceling our event, which is based on very superficial and groundless information about our country.

Our capital Baku has been holding very solid events like Eurovision Song Contest, many sports World and European Championships, other type of international events of different scale.

More than that we are known as very reliable hosts and as enormously hospitable nation and country.

In order to get more sure about safety and traveling advises of Azerbaijan you can contact Mr. Gerard Jipping – FCI Vice President who officiated as judge at International Dog Shows in Baku the same dates as OEC 2014 in Stuttgart.

In order to let you know Kennel Union of the Republic of Azerbaijan has already made its preparations to OEC 2015.
The venue and accommodation for participants were appointed and relevant agreements and contracts has been signed.
KURA is working to provide participants free accommodation during their stay in Baku. Participants will be not charged any fees for their applications.
We of course understand that it may be difficult to travel to Azerbaijan for some participants by auto. So we are going to provide a free airport transfer and other related issues (visas, etc.) for ALL participants and guests.
Baku airport have very frequent flights from many spots of the Europe. Azerbaijan Airlines have very reliable service of transportation of pets and very reasonable prices which would keep expenses of traveling participants at the same level of trip by car in Europe.

We have conclusion that It is very curious that HTM & Freestyle has no relevant commission in FCI.
As a result we have almost not an official event. So to rule our protest we have no authority to apply for.
Kennel Union of Azerbaijan would like to promote a proposal to FCI General Assembly 2015 in Milano to create FCI commission of HTM & Dog Dancing to be an international body of future events and activities.

We hope that the decision of canceling OEC 2015 in Baku will be rejected as it contradicts sports ethics and common sense.
Next year Baku will host first European Olympic Games and we hope the Freestyle sport will use opportunity to get support of our Government and Sports Ministry not only on national scale but also worldwide. We can promise you that this championship will be a very remarkable for all freestyle fans.

Best Regards,

Dr. Zaur Agabeyli
KURA President

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One Response to Letter from Kennel Union of the Republic of Azerbaijan

  1. Zoya leven says:

    I have been in Baku in business trip last summer and was impressed – it is fantastic place, highest standards of hospitability, modern city which very careful keeps its historical roots. I know that Azerbaijan president and goverment provides real support to any international events which takes place in the country.
    One more thing which I think is necessury to take under consideration – in Muslim culture dog is not “Saint animal” in comparison with cats, and I think that if such event will take place in Baku -modern capital of modern country, it really will be reamakable, freestyle is sport and art which shows real mutual love and commitment of dog and its owner.
    I am ordinary fan of dog freestyle and my opinion of course is opinion of amature person but I think that Baku will be best host for such international event.
    With regards, Zoya Leven.

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