Results, The Swedish Championship

Heelwork To Music (Top 5)

1. Niina Svartberg & Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Tollarbos Skojstreck von Ducke (Skoj)


2. Anna Larsson & Border Collie Emenems Fonzie (Fonzie)
3. Erika Johansson & Pug Pine Garden’s Nej-Lihka (Oggie)
4 Louise Runnemark & Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Tollarbos Qvicka von Ducke (Qvicka)
5. Sabine Åström & Australian Kelpie Promotion Buell Cyclone (Iver)

Freestyle (Top 5)

1. Jonna Smedberg & Border Collie Lizzroys Zoya (Zoya)

Lizzroys Zoya

2. Ina Kolmodin & Manchester Terrier Tibouchinas´s Younan (Oscar)
3. Kerstin Eklund & Golden Retriever Dewmist Side By Side Miles
4. Sandra Kagevik & Golden Retriever Höstglädjens Golden Dream (Thyra)
5. Ida Björkman & Pyrenean Shepherd Monster

Further results – click here!

I apologize that these results are late – Christmas and lack of time caught up with me 🙂

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