Live Streaming from Crufts

Crufts dag 5 - HTM dag 021

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Programme for Thursday 10th March
Running order for the British FS:
1 Lucy Heath with INDIE
2 Heather Smith with DARE
3 Nicci Hindson with NALA
4 Caroline Johnson with SUNNY
5 Cathy Bates with SYBIL
6 Lucy Creek with SKIFFLE
7 Kim Lyddon with TYLER
8 Lesley Neville with DEWY
9 Angela Briggs with DRIFT
10 Lucy Creek with TEASEL

Programme for Friday 11th March:
Running order for the British HTM:
1 Joanna Mayston with SWIFT
2 Lucy Creek with SKIFFLE
3 Lesley Neville with DEWY
4 Heather Smith with GERTIE
5 Susan Dooney with MURPHY
6 Martin Briggs with DASH
7 Naomi Baggaley with KARA
8 Caroline Garrett with FAWKES
9 Kay Laurence with TIME
10 Lucy Heath with INDIE

Programme for Saturday 12th March
Running order for the International FS:
1 Italy – Withdrawn
2 Czech Republic – Irena Istvankova with LAYLA
3 Switzerland – Monika Gehrig with CHIARA
4 France – Monia Guignard with EDEL
5 Sweden – Frida Binett with ITCHI
6 Wales – Emily High with ANTON
7 Belgium – Herlinde Jans with KIKI
8 The Netherlands Grietje Wagenaar with FLORA
9 Denmark – Emmy Marie Simonsen with HERO
10 Japan – Lucie Plevova with JUMP
11 Germany – Anja Jakob with MERLIN
12 Scotland – Heather Smith with DARE
13 England – TBC
14 Austria – Lukas Pratschker with FALCO

Download Score Cards here.


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