6 Days of International HTM and Freestyle in Denmark in 2017

Indog Elite Center in Viborg invites everyone to 6 days of International HTM and Freestyle in Denmark!

29th – 30th July 2017: Double HTM Show with all official classes both days.

  • Novice/Class 1 HTM and Freestyle
  • Intermediate/Class 2 HTM and Freestyle
  • Advanced/Class 3 HTM and Freestyle
  • Senior Classes (older than 9 years old)
  • Puppy Class (16 weeks to 12 mth)
  • Beginners Class
  • Skills tests class 1 – 4

The judges will be a mix of Danish and European judges.

31st – 1st August 2017: Training Days
Freestyle with Jules O’Dwyer from Belgium
HTM with Polina Il’ina from Russia

 Jules O’Dwyer has represented Belgium at the international championships many times with top placings. In 2015 her fame reached further than just the dog dancing world as she won Britan’s Got Talent with her amazing dog acts. Jules trains assistance dogs for the disabled, guide dogs for the blind, dogs for film and tv and she has experience with obedience and many other dog sports. Her experience as a dog trainer is second to none. 

Polina Il’ina is probably the world’s most successful HTM handler at the moment. She has won individual medals at the international championships with no less than 3 different dogs. She is the World Championship Winner 2016 and won World Championship Bronze with an Alaskan Malamute. Polina’s dogs make Heelwork look easy and they are extremely precise in their work.

2nd and 3rd August 2017: Training Days
Freestyle with Lucka Plevová from Japan

4th August 2017: Frisbee with Lucka Plevová

Lucka surprised everyone at Crufts 2016, when she came out of the blue and placed 2nd in the International Freestyle Final amongst the world’s best freestylers. She performed a super fast and very precise routine with her Border Collie Jump. 

Lucka has experience from both Canine Freestyle and Dog Frisbee, which gives her knowledge of unique moves, which we are not yet used to see in the freestyle ring.

Further info about the International HTM and Freestyle Summer Camp 2017 on Indog Elite Center’s website or on their Facebook page Information will be available within the next weeks. You can also prebook your place or get further information on email: iec@indog.dk

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