Crufts 2019



Crufts Freestyle Running order
7th March at 12.15 UK time
1 Helen Dennis & Comebyeanaway Pure Love
2 Lesley Neville & Brambledale Blue Dewey
3 Heather Smith & Dare To Be Daniel
4 Lucy Heath & Stillmoor Winter Sun
5 Nicci Hindson & Comebyandaway Wildest Dream
6 Carole Dodson & Kinaway Doctor Porter
7 Anne Shuker & Freckle Frenzy
8 Mary Ann Nester & Bryning Vanquish
9 Kim Lyddon & Canen You Said What
10 Lucy Creek & Harriot Skiffle King

Crufts HTM Running Order
8th March at 12.05 UK time
1 Caroline Garrett with Midnight Moonshine Lesley Neville & Brambledale Blue Dewey
2 Carole Dodson with Borderdance Dream Legend from Kinaway
3 Cathy Bates with Sarkam Twinkle Toes
4 Lucy Creek with Harriot Skiffle King
5 Michelle Dodson with Kinaway Doctor Kildare
6 Heather Smith with Dare To Be Daniel
7 Lucy Heath with Stillmoor Winter Sun
8 Nicci Hindson with Comebyandaway Wildest Dream
9 Carole Dodson with Kinaway Doctor Porter
10 Caroline Garrett with Wildsea Phoenix of Fire

Crufts International Freestyle Running Order
9th March at 1 pm UK time
1 Japan, Tetsuro Ito with Ascension of Estrella Fugas
2 France, Alexandra Creusot with D’Hendi od Dupiku
3 The Netherlands, Grietje Wagenaar with Fjurdyhoeve Floyd
4 Hungary, Adrienne Bardos with Mia The Dancing Queen
5 Sweden, Elisabet Browaldh with Kummin Av Ulfsater
6 Brazil, Vladinir Moura Maciel with Jaco Hundewelt
7 United Kingdom (TBC)
8 Germany, Johanna Tischler with Ronja Daughter of Robbers
9 Slovakia, Lusy Imbergerova with Desperado Od Suche Hory
10 Czech Republic with Alena Smolikova with Action Jerry Malina Gang
11 Austria, Lukas Pratschker with Falco Out of the Dark
12 Denmark, Emmy Marie Simonsen with Littlethorn Feet of Flames

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